#NZV16 the finale

It’s with a slightly sad heart that I post my final blog for the #NZV16 series. The last two months have been incredible and I can’t express how lucky I feel to have been a part of such a wonderful team.

Thanks to all of you readers out there who have joined me for the highs, as well as the odd low. It’s been a huge learning experience and I’m pleased I put myself up for it and put my life onto a temporary alternative path. It’s back to London on Sunday and straight back into wine teaching. I will be sure to post some London wine video adventures for you all.

Will I do another vintage? Absolutely. Burgundy watch out! I will be coming your way…just need to brush up on the French first.

A huge thanks to everyone who has made the journey so memorable. Below are a few picks from our vintage bash as well as the last couple of days. Please feel free to click on them for more details.


#NZV16 Day 54

I just had to squeeze in one more winery! Even if it meant a 35km round trip bike ride, it was well worth it.

Seresin are outstanding artisan producers who have been crafting wine for 20 years and certified biodynamic for the last 10.

Being shown the compost heap may not be most peoples idea of the best way to kick off a tour, however with Seresin, the compost is a great example of the estates’ philosophy. Giving back to the land, utilizing every part of the grape and nurturing the soil.

Whilst I was biking back to Blenheim, it really felt like I’d been visiting a farm rather than a winery. Our hosts spoke so passionately about the land and their biodynamic processes, it was inspiring to be around and the wines reflected this passion and hard work.

There are treats at the cellar door to sample that you may not find yet in stores, which makes Seresin a must visit when you’re in Marlborough.

Please click on the photos below for more information on the wines.


#NZV16 Day 53

We’re almost at the end of #NZV16 and today I got to tick something off of my bucket list – digging out a tank!

A huge thanks to Ben and Anne for locking this into my vintage journey, and it was extra special that it was a tank containing a mate’s wine (apologies in advance Mike) that will be heading to the UK for Naked Wines in the near future. So I may even get to taste this wee number in its finished state.

Post work we had a wine tasting at the vintage house. I took along a bottle of the Astrolabe Wrekin Vineyard Chenin Blanc which was gorgeous (not a biased opinion at all). The Wrekin vineyard is managed organically with biodynamic influences. The wine is whole bunch pressed and barrel fermented. It has a wonderful balance of softness and vibrancy with mineral, apple, honey and pear. Great with goats cheese.

Another highlight was the Fromm La Strada Syrah (thanks Anne!). A super example of a Marlborough Syrah with black pepper, slightly sharp black currant, dark cherry and a touch of leaf. Supple yet structured. They are awesome producers!

#NZV16 Day 51

With the day off today I headed out to Hans Herzog Winery. A treat I have been saving to the end of vintage and it was definitely worth the wait.

Hans is from Switzerland and grows 29 varietals over 11.5 hectares in Marlborough. The vineyard is certified organic and there is very little interference in the winery, in terms of additions and filtering. Resulting in a range where each wine has a wonderful and interesting personality. They’re not made to be crowd pleases, however with such a diverse range, there is something wonderful in the mix for all wine lovers to enjoy.

For more information on the wines, please click on the photos below.

#NZV16 Day 49

With #NZV16 coming to an end, I have a wonderful video treat for you all.

Join me as I chat with the talented winemaker, Andrew Petrie, and get his thoughts on how the style of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc has changed over the years, what’s hot for the 2016 vintage and also a bit of inside knowledge on the wonderful Wither Hills fortified wine – Legado.

#NZV16 Day 47

Today we are in the lab with the wonderful Peter!

The lab excites me. It radiates a calm, controlled focus during the often chaotic moments that vintage can present. Or perhaps it’s the stash of chocolate and sweets that I often see in there that elevate my pulse rate… Either way, it’s a great space with some wonderful characters manning the bunsen burners (and other equipment I have no idea what to call).