Beer with Me

Due to the arrival of a new family member I have been slightly less active on the wine tasting side. Instead it’s been almost a year of exploring the world of low and non alcoholic beer. With the odd glass of wine thrown in of course. This post might not be relevant to many of you, but for those Mums-to-be, breastfeeding mamas, or pub/bar owners that would like some information on what’s available, hopefully this will help.

One of the (many) frustrations of pregnancy is the lack of appealing drink options when you’re out and about. It shouldn’t come as a suprise that many pregnant women still want to be social. Taking the opportunity to make the most of our final months of being able to leave the house without our minis in need of feeding, screaming because they’re in need of a nap, or changing the never-ending conveyor-belt of dirty nappies.

When we do make it out we’re often greeted with the uninspired option of  Becks Blue. Which I’m not even going to comment on taste-wise. Mostly due to the lack of anything positive to say. Or there’s a range of soft drinks. Which although tasty, are often full of sugar. Sugar being one of the main things Mums-to-be are advised to be careful with, due to the risk of gestational diabetes. And let’s be honest, there’s only so many lime and sodas or lemonades one can drink…

Here are the top 5 low and non alcoholic beers I have tasted:

5. Rothaus Non Alcoholic Tannenzapfle


The Rothaus is a cheeky little delight with toasty, sweet malt, light carbonation and a soft creamy texture. It’s a little simple in terms of flavour with a touch of caramel, orange, nutty notes and a slight bitter finish.

Available at The Beer Boutique, Wandsworth Town for around £2.00.



4. Jenever Fun Pilsner20170413_181846

Sometimes alcohol free beers can have a touch too much sweetness. The Jenever Fun is crisp and dry with coriander, green vegetal and leafy notes. It’s balanced with a lingering length and would pair perfectly with a spicy Thai noodle salad.

Available from The Beer Boutique, Wandsworth Town for around £1.80, or online from the Drydrinker £14.99 for 12.


3. Mikkeller Drink’In the Sun

Drink'In The Sun Alcohol Free Pale Ale, Mikkeller, Denmark (0.3%, 330ml)Built for summer drinking the Mikkeller Drink’In the Sun is light, vibrant and crisp with a touch of peach, orange, lemon and sweet passionfruit.

Available from the Wine Society for £2.25, or the Beer Boutique in Wandsworth Town.



2.  Mikkeller Drink’In Barely Berliner

20170425_183147This beer is for those that prefer a touch of tart in their tipple. The Drink’In Barely Berliner is a sour style with a refreshing bite.

The aroma does have a slight apple cider vinegar note about it (which I quite like). Creamy in the mouth with fine fizz, lemon, sour apple, ginger, orange and a touch of sweet barley make this beer interesting and super tasty. For those of you that enjoy natural wines, this is your beer-world equivalent.

Available at The Beer Boutique in Wandsworth Town for around £2.25.

  1. Paulaner Hefeweissbier alkoholfrei

Image result for paulaner alcohol freeThe Germans certainly know how to make delicious beer! Now this hits the spot every time. Creamy in texture with refreshing lemon and orange notes. I love most wheat beers and this has been a welcomed tipple that is a treat to gulp back on a warm summer evening.

Available from £1.85 at Beer Merchants (online) or at We Brought Beer (Balham).


Coming from a hospitality background I can understand that many licence holders may not stock these options due to a perceived lack of demand. My advice here is advertise your selection. Often the non or low alcohol options sit withering away in the fridge as they don’t get a mention in the drinks menu. Pop those bad boys on the shelf and tell people about them. As the public are so used to not having a good non-alcoholic beer range available, we need the prompt.

I used to be of the opinion ‘non-alcoholic beer…what’s the point?’ But now I totally understand. And with the growing number of people choosing not to drink alcohol, sober drivers, people on medication, the too-hungover-to-face-another-pint crowd, or those wanting to avoid those sneaky calories in alcoholic and sugary drinks, having a couple of delicious low or non alcoholic beers is greatly appreciated.