#NZV16 Day 54

I just had to squeeze in one more winery! Even if it meant a 35km round trip bike ride, it was well worth it.

Seresin are outstanding artisan producers who have been crafting wine for 20 years and certified biodynamic for the last 10.

Being shown the compost heap may not be most peoples idea of the best way to kick off a tour, however with Seresin, the compost is a great example of the estates’ philosophy. Giving back to the land, utilizing every part of the grape and nurturing the soil.

Whilst I was biking back to Blenheim, it really felt like I’d been visiting a farm rather than a winery. Our hosts spoke so passionately about the land and their biodynamic processes, it was inspiring to be around and the wines reflected this passion and hard work.

There are treats at the cellar door to sample that you may not find yet in stores, which makes Seresin a must visit when you’re in Marlborough.

Please click on the photos below for more information on the wines.



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