#NZV16 Day 43

Fun in the sun today as we got to go picking! It was amazing being outside and bringing in some of our Pinot Noir for the Wither Hills Legado Fortified Wine.

This is made much like a ruby port and is even pressed by some of the finest feet that Wither Hills has to offer. Some of the team got into fancy dress for the occasion and the only thing missing was perhaps a glass of fortified wine in their hands to further enhance the mood.

Apart from that there was Pinot plunging, cleaning (goes without saying these days), to be honest I’m trying to think back to yesterday and what I did (this post is a day late, apologies) and I can’t even remember. There is a slight blur, perhaps it was the beer Friday haze… But I do have an overall impression that it was a fun day. As most tend to be currently.




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