#NZV16 Day 40

After a fabulous day off filled with mountain running, coffee sipping, movie watching (with a sneaky snooze) I was refreshed and ready to crack into what might be our last week of 12 hour shifts.

We seem to be in a lovely rhythm in the winery. The juice is flowing, additions are added, fermentations fermenting and matured wines shipped off for bottling. Everyone seems fairly comfortable and relaxed in their jobs – or perhaps this is the tiredness kicking in and many could be mistaken for a human-zombie hybrid. It’s hard to tell at times…

Lots of Pinot Gris came our way today. The colour of these grapes is so pretty! Pinky-purple and the juice has a great colour to it too.

For those of you interested in a bit of wine technology, here’s a vid on the Rotary Drum Vaccum (RDV). It basically helps extract wine from the lees to help reduce waste.

At the last count we are at 9100 tonnes of juice processed. I think we’re aiming for around 10’500 so we’re almost there!

I have a few treats coming my way this week in the form of my hubby, Tony, who touches down tomorrow. And my sister and her hubby arrive on Wednesday. So I may be pushing the boat out and staying up past 8pm a few nights this week – such rebellious behaviour.



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