#NZV16 Day 32


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Great day! Sauviginon Blanc and Chardonnay were flowing through smoothly, no crazy dramas and I didn’t feel too wrecked at the end of it all. Maybe it was all the cake and treats I’ve been scoffing…There seemed to be an endless supply of sugar in the smoko room today and I didn’t possess the will power to pass the goodies up.

Here’s a vid about my visit out to Lawson’s Dry Hills Winery last Monday. They are crafting some stunning wines including a scrumptious Gewurztraminer, full of Turkish delight and rose petal notes with a luscious mouth feel. They also play around with Chardonnay and produce a vibrant un-oaked style as well as a richer and textured Reserve. Their two Pinot Noir also demonstrate different styles with their main Pinot showing crunchy red fruit vibrancy and spice, the Reserve is a lot richer and deeper with earthy tones and ripe cherry. One with spicy chorizo pasta or pizza, the Reserve with juicy lamb and lots of herbs. Sorted.

A shout out must go to the wonderful Nigel who mans the cellar door and provided me with a tour of the winery,  chat with the winemaker Marcus Wright, a nibble of Gewurztraminer grapes off of the vine, tastings of the Sauvignon Blanc ferments as well as sampling the main range. The quality is great and the hospitality super! http://www.lawsonsdryhills.co.nz/





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