#NZV16 Day 25


The amazing Bill who always puts a smile on my dial. BTW this isn’t his usual attire, it was short shorts and crazy socks day today.

Here are two vids for you as I missed yesterday (apologies).

Yesterday was a day of three halves – which I know doesn’t make sense – however it is quite fitting for the roller coaster of emotions that yesterday brought about.

It was smooth sailing in the early morning with lines being set up for rose (for which the juice tasted delicious). I had the wonderful feeling of thinking I was finally getting the hang of this new cellar hand business. Then we were setting up for the Sauvignon Blanc mountain that was heading our way that afternoon. Set up was complete, lines organised, tubs and hoses all cleaned out, presses at the ready… when we were asked to re-set in a completely different way. Basically this means changing the hoses, tubs, lines, the lot, and re-cleaning the lines. Which I’m sure for those that have worked in wineries before is no biggie. But for newbies like myself this is a lot of work and a tad frustrating, especially when you’re still trying to get your head around Y’s, T’s, where valves need to go, and the effort that goes into dragging long 3 inch hoses from one end of the cellar to the other. It was also the first 12 hour shift and I had the not very helpful ‘hangry’ going on. All in all not a good mix.


All the cliche’s for you now – time is a healer, the ability to reflect is a wonderful thing, tomorrow is another day. All so true. Oh and a glass of wine after work is fantastic!

The afternoon was really fun. Sauvignon Blanc was flowing and I got to work the receival bin. This involves greeting the truck drivers and checking the grapes for any oil or rot, processing the driver and tonnage paperwork, running the receival bin, crusher and destemmer, pumping all the goodness to the press and also doing any additions to the grapes (enzyme in this case). It’s really cool and quite quick. We were having trucks with between 8 to 10 tonnes turning up around every 20 minutes. So we’re sending around a tonne through the pump to the press every 90 seconds or so. As the grapes flew so did the time and the final 6 hours of the day went by in a blink of the eye (just to continue the cliche thread).

Today it rained…

so I got to calibrate the volume of tanks….


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