#NZV16 Day 14


We’re two weeks into #NZV16 at Wither Hills Winery and today I finally had a few moments where everything started to make sense. Although this was after I cleaned out the wrong tank. Hey it was 6am….

We received our first Sauvignon Blanc today, as well as Pinot Noir for red wine and there’s a great flow in our department when everything starts to happen at once. Receival bins banging, pumps whirling, presses pressing, dry ice smoking. And with all of these processes taking place sometimes you have to go to the other end of the whole process and sample some delicious wine.

So that’s exactly what I did. Post work I hopped on my reliable ride (Mum’s bike) and cruised down to Fromm Winery to sample what I believe to be some of the most delicious wine in Marlborough.



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