#NZV16 Day 7

We reached 28 degrees Celsius today, for the second day in a row. Hence the need for a refreshing beer post work (see pic above). N.Z has a huge beer culture, and brews delicious goodies that I will introduce you to over the coming weeks. Emerson’s is brewed in Dunedin and their IPA is full of flavour, dry hopped and has a great balance of sweet malt and spirited hops. It went down a treat.

One thing I found out today – which shouldn’t have suprised me – is that when you haven’t had caffeine for around 10 years, then make yourself a double shot flat white, you may get a bit of a rush. This resulted in me having to go on a lunch time bike ride to burn off some adrenaline. Not a bad thing as it was a stunning day, and I came across some vineyards that have recently been planted (see main pic above).

We finished off our confined spaces training and are into the real biz tomorrow with grapes arriving for rose and sparkling. This also means tomorrow I’m on a 6am start…Perhaps more real coffee may be required.

Here’s a wee tour of my station. Meredith (ace colleague from California) and I were trying to think of another name for ‘White Receival’ and thought perhaps Bowie Town may work? With respect to David Bowie having a love of space – stars shine brightly – like white light – somehow channeling this to white receival – while I write this is seems like a stretch, but I still think Bowie Town is quite cool. See ya’s there tomorrow!

P.S the 3rd pic (top left) is one of the first tourism posters for N.Z. Love it!


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